DNA based approaches

Metagenomics:In principle, metagenomic techniques are based on the concept that the entire genetic composition of microbial communities could be sequenced and analysed in the same way as sequencing a whole genome of a pure bacterial culture(Brawner, K. M., et al 2014).

  1. RNA based approaches:

Metatranscriptomics:Large-scale sequencing technologies allow us to investigate deeper and deeper layers of the microbial communities and are vital in presenting an unbiased view of phylogenetic composition and functional diversity of microbial communities.

  1. Protein based approaches

Proteomics: The capability of large-scale sequencing techniques to generate billions of reads at low cost with high speed is useful in many applications.

  1. Metabolite based approaches

Metabolomics: To investigate the metabolic profile of gastric microbiome these techniques are useful(Brawner, K. M., et al 2014)


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