H.pylori was considered as main Organism living in hostile and sterile environment of stomach.H.pylorisurvives this environment by having special adaptations. It burrows deep where PH is neutral, in addition to it also secretes ureasewhich helps it to survive in this environment.It is thought that this organism may cause immune response and may damage the Lining and causes inflammation (Guinane, C. M., & Cotter, P. D. 2013) (Camargo, M. C., et al 2019).


Non H.pylori micro biota in Stomach:

Before development of high sequencingmethods, the microbiota of stomach was rarely studied. The stomach was thought to have few organism.

But this concept has changed from three decades as new culture independent studies showed a more diverse microbiota.

It consists of Organism other than helicobacter pylori which are following;

  1. Proteobacteria (Escherichia,shigella,Burkholderia)


  1. Firmicutes (lactobacillus,streptococcus,veillonella)
  1. Bacteroidates(prevotella)

(Noto, J. M., & Peek Jr, R. M. 2017).

Streptococcus sp. in Gastric Samples:

In healthy individuals of H.pylori positive and negative, the streptococcus species are found in gastric samples. Streptococci live in the acidic environment of stomach because it performs unease activity(Noto, J. M., & Peek Jr, R. M. 2017).

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