Major limitation and controversy related to Placental Microbiome

The major differences in techniques for identification of bacteria in placenta including PCR technique, histological strains or bacterial culture and whole genome shotgun sequencing methods. A major limitation due to which we are not sure about the later analysis is the method of collecting samples. The lack of well-designed comparative studies tells gaps in the present identification of microbes. The contamination of reagents also take place. The contamination of bacterial extraction kits and laboratory reagents are major effect the identification of placenta microbiome. The PCR based technology and metagenomics have implication for the presence of microbiome in the placenta. (Salter, et al., 2014). The question arises that if bacteria in placenta present in living environment of live as a viable species. There are no specific studies that show the function of microbiome in placenta and as well as how bacteria enters into placenta? Did bacteria comes from vagina or oral cavity to reached into the placenta. (Singh, Bhuchitra, & Xia., 2019)

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